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An alien Yelp reviewer visits Earth, a Honduran girl is adopted, two best friends take shrooms in a bathroom, a Japanese police officer finds a dead body, a granddaughter recollects memories, a Ghanaian woman walks through Harlem, and life goes on.

LUNA is an annual publication written and curated by writers in the Writers With Attitude workshop, including other talented writers separated from the workshop. The works include poetry, prose, fiction, personal essays, interviews, and visual art. This year, the theme is Metamorphosis. Our submissions are currently closed.

Metamorphosis is the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in stages. 

To see more information on how to submit, see below.

What kind of works do you accept?

We examine and accept works based on quality and originality in all written works and content, including photography, art, etc. We accept works that best represent the mission and theme of Writers With Attitude. Works must be written solely in the English language. We do not give individual criticism on all works unless minor edits are needed, which we notify before being published. 

How do I submit?

Email us with the subject line “submission by (name).” Submissions must be in a Word document (.doc) file. In the email, include a short bio about yourself and a maximum of ten pieces.

What can I submit?

We accept works in poetry, prose, visual poetry and photography (formatted in JPEG, PNG, OR PDF), personal essays and fiction (1,400-4,000 words). 

Do you have simultaneous submissions? 

No, we do not. 


01 : “Luna” is Latin for moon, so the name relates to the Luna moth’s moon-like spots.

02 : The Luna moth caterpillar has a defense mechanism to click their mandibles and regurgitate smelly liquids when threatened by predators.

03 : Luna moth females lay 200-600 eggs. They usually lay them in small batches and spread them around.

04 : Luna moths wrap their cocoons in leaves to camouflage.

05: When a Luna moth is born, it does not have a mouth to eat.

06: It’s sole purpose is to reproduce

07: The Luna moth is found in the Eastern region of the United States.

08: The Luna moth’s wings are light green/lime green in color.

09: Both male and female luna moths are strongly attracted to light.


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